The ISDSM Project: Strengthening & Supporting Midwifery in Tanzania was a six‑year project to strengthen midwives’ capacity to deliver quality care to mothers and infants in six districts across rural Tanzania. It specifically targeted geographically disadvantaged areas that face limited access to emergency obstetric care and shortages of skilled maternal health care providers.

The unique and innovative collaboration between CAM and TAMA yielded the Midwives Emergency Skills Training Program (MEST), a training by and for midwives, designed specifically to increase midwives’ capacity to detect, prevent, and respond to emergencies of pregnancy, birth, and the period after birth. The training directly addresses the most common causes of maternal and infant mortality in Tanzania, and emphasizes hands‑on learning using mannequins and simulators, giving all participants time to practice life‑saving skills. Over the course of IDSM’s two phases, more than 500 midwives successfully completed the MEST training. The successes of this project provide a powerful model for the ways midwives and midwifery associations can lead in supporting safe midwifery internationally.

Improved Service Delivery for Safer Motherhood (ISDSM)


ISDSM Wraps Up

ISDSM closed in September 2018, having met and exceeded all major project objectives. READ MORE >>>


Helping to Save Lives

Stories from the midwife participants of the MEST in the Musoma and Mtwara Rural Districts. READ MORE >>>


Midwives Working Together

This three‑part video series chronicles the success of the unique collaboration between CAM and TAMA, and their development of emergency skills training by and for midwives. READ MORE >>>

Interview with Project Officer

Jamie Robinson discusses project details, the Tanzania context, and the participation of Canadian midwives. READ MORE >>>

Lucy Mabada RM, Project Coordinator (right)

Interview with Emergency Skills Instructors

Deborah Bonser and Ecstasy Danford Mlay led a series of MEST workshops in Musoma Rural District, Northeast Tanzania. READ MORE >>>