Dear Midwives and Supporters,

This year, the Strengthening Midwifery in South Sudan project team from CAM is launching a campaign to support the South Sudanese Nurse and Midwives Association (SSNAMA).  Solidarity and support from Canadian midwives and clients can make an enormous difference to midwives and nurses in South Sudan and the clients they serve.

Help us raise funds that will empower midwives to support their national association. SSNAMA advances the nursing and midwifery professions for the delivery of high-quality health care for the women, children and families in South Sudan. It is a dynamic organization with over 900 members and chapters across the country.


SSNAMA, in collaboration with CAM and the registered charity The Mercy Project launched an income‑generating initiative to empower the chapters to raise funds supporting their activities and members.

Over the coming  year:

  • 5 State Chapters will receive training to help them plan and run a small business initiative.
  • Through the training each will develop a sustainable business plan, including planning on how to use the funds generated from the business.
  • Each of the Chapters that successfully completes the process will receive support to start their business initiative.
  • The inputs (items for sale or other needed materials) for the businesses will be provided through money raised by our fundraising  efforts.


  • Through an on-line donation to SSNAMA, you can support midwives for the wonderful care they provide and help others receive quality midwifery care.  The online donations page is hosted by The Mercy Project, a registered charity, so you can receive a tax receipt.
  • Share the materials with your personal network, make a personal donation, a donation from your clinic or consider planning a local fundraiser.
  • Draw your own heart, with “I Support South Sudanese Nurses & Midwives” and post it on your social media with the hashtag #ISupportSSNAMA

If you have any inquiries or need additional material, please write to:

For more information about CAM’s Strengthening Midwifery Services in South Sudan Project >>>

Thank you for taking part in this initiative.


Average Monthly Salary
$8 USD

From 2012‑2017 the number of births attended by skilled health personnel:

• in Sub Saharan Africa: 50%
• in South Sudan 15%
• in Canada 98%


Maternal mortality

789 per 100,000 births
7‑15 per 100,000 births
In 2012, less than 10 midwives in the South Sudan.

In 2019, more than 700 midwives.

In 2016, Juba Teaching Hospital had more than 40 maternal deaths.

In 2018, Juba Teaching Hospital had 21 maternal deaths.


The South Sudanese Nurses and Midwives Association (SSNAMA) is a dynamic organization focused on advancing the nursing and midwifery professions for the delivery of high quality health care for the women, children and families in South Sudan.


Shannon Kaupp, RM

As a Canadian Midwife I am fortunate to have the support and advocacy from both my Provincial and National midwifery associations.

I am fortunate to work within a structured healthcare system. I am paid for the work that I do. I attend births at home and in the hospital but not without light or water. South Sudanese Midwives are not as fortunate – many are not being paid yet continue to work. They often work without light or water. The South Sudanese Midwives Association are fundraising to support their members. We can support them.

Susana Ku, RM

I am proud to be a Midwife.

Imagine you have to wake up super early in the morning, rush to your almost empty fridge/kitchen to prepare a meal for your family, while thinking how are you going to pay for your kids’ school, groceries, rent, phone (because this is essential for your work). When you have all prepared, now you must go walking to your work, not because you are concerned about the environment, but because you can’t afford a vehicle, gasoline or even taking the bus; so you mentally prepare yourself for a long walk, yes with your almost empty stomach.

With all the above conditions you are expected to work 12 hours straight or maybe more, sometimes 7 days a week, days and nights, holidays, make life-threatening decisions, all these when you feel mentally exhausted, yet you don’t feel you want to leave or quit your job because you are passionate abut it and you know lives of many depend on it.

This is real life for many of our Midwife Peers in South Sudan. They struggle to make a living simply because they have decided to be Mdwives. They need your, our support, because by helping them we may be helping a whole community in South Sudan.

Find out how you can support the South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association to create a sustainable future for all the mothers and babies in South Sudan.

Bev Langlois, RM

We are all in this for the same reason. We love caring for women and babies and families, and we all want the best for them – whether we live and work as midwives and nurses in Canada or South Sudan.

Nurses and midwives can belong to the SSNAMA much like we belong to our provincial associations. And right now, SSNAMA has no funds of their own. They rely on donor funding. Those of us who have been on projects in South Sudan and see the work being done, want to fundraise some money to give SSNAMA a start – much like when we go to a wedding or baby shower and everyone gives something to help – and a bunch of somethings makes a difference. They are thinking of using some of these funds to offer micro loans to their members to start a business to earn some extra money, as many nurses and midwives work for months without being paid. They still have to feed their families and yet they can’t stop working because sometimes they are the only midwife or nurse at a facility, or one of few. And they think, “If that was my sister, friend, mother, and they had no one there to care for them. What would happen?”

So, I’m asking whatever amount you want to donate towards raising some money for SSNAMA, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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