The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) is committed to supporting midwifery associations around the world through training and mutual sharing.

Founded on the premise that strong midwifery associations play a vital role in promoting the midwifery profession and supporting midwives to contribute to improved maternal and newborn health outcomes globally, CAM has developed a series of Association Strengthening Workshops in both English and French that are specifically tailored for national midwifery associations around the world.

In  2014, CAM organized and facilitated a series of Association Leadership workshops with midwives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In early 2015, CAM consultants traveled to Bamako, Mali to deliver a series of workshops on governance, leadership, communication, advocacy and strategic planning to the Board of Directors of the Association des Sages-Femmes du Mali (ASFM).

CAM is confident that these workshops are one very tangible way in which we can support the growth and success of our sister associations.

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