The Saj Fanm Pou Fanm project, aims to strengthen the profession of midwifery, reduce maternal mortality rates, and promote the health and well being of women, girls and newborns in Haiti. The overall budget of this five‑year project (2018‑22) is 15 million CAD.


Alo Saj Fanm Call Centre

The aim of the Alo Saj Fanm telephone line is to enable women, especially in remote areas, to obtain reliable and free information related to pregnancy and childbirth, and to strengthen their links with health institutions. The maternal mortality ratio is very high – 529 per 100,000 live births. READ MORE >>>

Strengthening the profession & practice of Midwives

Marie Juliana François Joseph, AISFH President from 2016‑18, explains how the project will increase the pool of trained midwives throughout Haiti. READ MORE >>>

Saj Fanm Pou Fanm is Creole for “Midwives for Women”

SFPF will help build Haiti’s capacity to train, recruit, hire and support midwives. READ MORE >>>


SFPF delegates attend the CAM Conference 

Highlights included observing the CAM Annual General Meeting, the Indigenous content, and visiting the Ottawa and Gatineau birth centres. READ MORE >>>