Equity & Sharing

CAM partnerships are two-way, mutually beneficial relationships based on fundamental principles of equity and sharing. The value of our respective contributions is not measured in terms of wealth or resources, but looks more widely at the unique perspective, knowledge, and expertise that we each bring to the collaboration. While the specific benefits of the partnership are exclusive, the potential for capacity building and growth – as defined by each partner – is always shared.


Mutual respect is a fundamental component of any successful collaboration. This premise acknowledges and celebrates our differences, and recognizes that our approach and objectives must remain flexible in order for partnership outcomes to be mutually relevant, particularly as the relationship evolves over time.

Trust and transparency

CAM partnerships are based on a shared commitment to honest and fully transparent communication, both at the strategic planning level, and within day-to-day working relationships. Trust and transparency support accountability to the partnership itself, and to the various initiatives in which we collaboratively engage.