Strong midwifery associations play a vital role in promoting the midwifery profession, advocating for the regulation of the profession and supporting midwives to contribute to improved maternal and newborn health outcomes globally. The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) works in partnership with other national associations on mutual capacity building initiatives.

Why Association to Association?

Founded on the premise that a midwifery association is the most appropriate body to provide capacity building support to another midwifery association, CAM incorporates the central theme of Association Strengthening into all of its wider programming. This approach invites opportunities for CAM to exchange knowledge and share good practice internationally, supporting:

  • increased recognition, visibility, and access to resources for both participating associations;
  • increased capacity of both associations to manage maternal and newborn health projects, and associated funding; and
  • increased accountability of midwives, and recognition of the midwifery profession in both countries

Through its association to association partnerships, CAM is committed to ensuring that the voices of southern midwifery associations meaningfully inform global maternal, newborn and child health programming. These voices drive the way we plan and prioritize our international work, and the ways in which we link expertise from the Canadian midwifery community with midwives around the world.