The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) believes that midwives play a unique and fundamental role in the provision of quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care – both in Canada, and internationally. We are investing in a world where every girl, woman and newborn will have access to that care – care that can save lives.

Since 2008, the CAM has been working through partnerships with other national midwifery associations to deliver reciprocal capacity building and project development initiatives. CAM’s long-standing relationships with l’Association des Infirmières Sages-Femmes d’Haïti (AISFH) and the Tanzania Registered Midwives Association (TAMA) have increased CAM’s capacity to fulfil its international objectives, and to contribute to strengthening our sister associations globally. These partnerships have provided the foundation for our current work.

We are building on our learning, expanding the ways in which we collaborate, and using our experience to inform how we respond to the array of opportunities to increase the scope of our global efforts including our unique Association to Association programming.