“I feel a real partnership or sisterhood with midwives and nurses here and what we are trying to accomplish.”

– Bev O’Brien, Consultant, Midwifery Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Midwives from Canada and South Sudan met for training geared toward association strengthening in order to create sustainable practices in the world’s youngest nation. This short video documents the collaborative work between CAM and South Sudanese Midwives Association (SSNAMA) in their joint efforts to reduce maternal mortality.

“In my heart, that’s why I struggle to become a midwife. In order to reduce the maternal mortality in South Sudan, we need to co‑operate and give a better service to our South Sudanese Women. We don’t want to hear there is maternal death within the coming years. We want to say: zero maternal death in South Sudan.”

– Colowba Jerome, RM, Yambio

In 2012, there were less than 12 midwives in South Sudan. As of 2017, there are more than 600 qualified midwives thanks to the efforts of those involved.

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