As part of the 2020 Edition of November, several members of CAM Global partner organizations will be presenting as part of an Association to Association discussion.

Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)

In Search for Normality, Women Choose a Homebirth
A qualitative study of women’s choice of birthplace in Somaliland

Jama (Khadra) Ali Egal

Dedicated Midwife with strong work ethics and a commitment to excellence in teaching and research. Strong interest in research and evidence‑based practice with more than five years of University working experience and more than eight co‑authored international publications. Experienced in curriculum development and review of health systems in low income setting. Technical subcommittee member of the National Health Professionals Commission with experience in verification and accreditation process in Somaliland.

Association des Infirmières Sages-Femmes d’Haïti (AISFH)

Plateforme téléphonique du projet « Allo Saj FANM »

Dorine Marie Jasainte

Dorine studied Nursing Sciences at the National School of Nursing in Les Cayes during the years 1999‑2002 and then did her specialty in midwifery at the National School of Nurse Midwife in Port‑au‑Prince. She has been a Cayenne Nurse Midwife since 2004. She graduated with a specialty in pediatrics and neonatology in 2017 and a degree in management and management of health services at the State University of Haiti in 2019. Since her career began, she has been involved in the fight to reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality ratio throughout the country. She has provided her services in several geographical departments of the republic. In the South, she has worked at the health centre with English beds as the person in charge of maternal health. She has also worked at the health centre of Petit‑trou de Nippes and at the Saint Boniface hospital of Fond des Blancs as head of reproductive health.

In the WEST she worked as a Nurse Sage in the hospital of the State University of Haiti and at Médecin sans Frontières France doing prenatal, postnatal and family planning consultations.

For 5 years, she worked as Maternity Manager at MSF Switzerland in Leogane. She then worked as head of hospital activities at MSF Holland for a year. Currently she is working in the maternity ward of St. Damien Hospital.

Dorine is president of the Association of Nurse Midwives of Haiti where she continues to advocate for the development of the midwifery profession in Haiti and the respect of the rights of women and families in the area of sexual and reproductive health.

South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association (SSNAMA)

Strengthening Rumbek Chapter

Monica Acen

Monica Acen is a qualified Nurse-Midwife with several years of experience in nursing and midwifery practices, and is currently serving as the Chairperson for South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association Rumbek chapter. She worked for OXFAM international in Rumbek as nurse for over 5 years. She worked for CCM Italian Civil society organization as a nurse‑midwife. She then returned to Rumbek where she worked at the state hospital as nurse‑midwife; the In‑Charge for maternal and child health clinic; PMTCT counselor; and trainer for Safe Motherhood with more emphasis on clean and safe delivery for the traditional birth attendance. In 2009 she started the campaign on Safe Motherhood in the community in Rumbek.

Currently she is the Midwife In‑Charge of Pacho PHCC in one of the most remote villages in Rumbek with the aim of increasing access to safe delivery by qualified midwives in the hard to reach areas.

Monica Acen is also a deacon at Rumbek Episcopal Church of South Sudan and is a mother of four children.

Tanzania Midwives Association (TAMA)

Midwifery Emergency Skills Training in Tanzania

Martha Rimoy

Martha Rimoy is Project Coordinator for the Tanzania Midwives Association. An experienced midwife, she has been practicing her profession for over 35 years. She has a vast experience in training Nurses and Midwives in maternal, newborn and child health, managing projects and conducting Community Based initiatives focusing on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence Against Children. (VAC). Respected by her colleagues and the government, she is known in the community as Mama Rimoy. Daughter of a traditional birth attendant in the Kilimanjaro region, Martha grew up observing deliveries and delivered her first baby as a trainee midwife in her home region. Since then, she says, she can’t count how many mothers and babies have passed through her careful hands.

Société Congolaise de la pratique sage‑femme (SCOSAF)

Impact of Respectful Maternity Care in Midwifery Practice in the DRC

Ambrocckha Kabeya Wa Nshimbal

Ambrocckha Kabeya is the President of la Société Congolaise de la pratique sage‑femme (SCOSAF) Trained as a midwife, he now works as a teacher and clinician. He has more than 20 years of experience in this field. In particular, he is the focal point for midwifery training in the DRC at the Ministry of Higher and University Education. Mr. Kabeya is also the Executive Director of the Congolese Midwifery Society and the coordinator of the MSL project. In addition, he is a national trainer in emergency obstetric and neonatal care, respectful maternity care, women‑centered comprehensive abortion care, and family planning.

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