Videos from the CAM Conference 2016

Watch speakers Lesley Page, Madeleine Dion Stout, and Ted Patterson as well as students who received grants.

Building Midwifery in South Sudan: 3 Canadian Midwives share their experience

Canadian midwives Alixandra Bacon, Kelly Chisolm, and Beverly O'Brien are working on phase 2 of the Strengthening Midwifery Services in South Sudan (SMSII) project.

News from Midwives Save Lives project in Benin!

CAM-Global project officer Cindy Hénault Robert discusses the Midwives Save Lives project and how Canadian midwives can help.

Cuso International Partners with CAM

To reduce maternal and newborn mortality in multiple countries.

Improved Service Delivery for Safe Motherhood Project

CAM partners to provide emergency obstetrical training to midwives in Tanzania.

Midwives Emergency Skills Training Program: Helping to Save Lives

Read stories from participants in emergency skills training in Tanzania.

Interview with Emergency Skills Instructors

Midwives Deborah Bonser and Ecstasy Danford Mlay share their experiences.

Profile on South Sudan

The civil war is estimated to have taken the lives of over 10,000 South Sudanese.

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