CAM is pleased to announce its partnership with Cuso International, a Canadian international development organization that recruits, selects, trains and deploys volunteer professionals to do capacity building work with local partners in countries around the world.

One of Cuso International’s main goals areas is health. CAM and Cuso International share a commitment to improving global maternal and newborn health outcomes and we believe that together we can achieve much more than if we work in isolation.

The collaborative decision to forge a partnership between our two organizations was the result of a long and thorough exploratory process, and we are extremely pleased that we will now be moving forward together to achieve some very specific, and mutually reinforcing outcomes.  Collaborating to strengthen the availability and quality of health services delivered by midwives in target countries, CAM will share the expertise of its members in midwifery education, regulation, and association development.

Cuso International is a non-profit international development organization that works to improve the lives of people living with poverty and inequality around the globe.

Katrina BabeI
Katrina BabeI

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