What does investing in midwives mean on the ground?

The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) believes that midwives play a unique and fundamental role in the provision of quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care.  CAM works in partnership with other national midwifery associations to enable midwives to do life-saving work in countries around the world.  >>>


Improved Service Delivery for Safe Motherhood (ISDSM) Project

CAM partners with the Tanzania Registered Midwives Association (TAMA) to provide emergency obstetrical training to midwives in Tanzania through the Midwives Emergency Skills Training Program (MEST). Over the course of this project, a total of 300 midwives will receive training that is essential for the management of emergency situations. >>>

MEST Tanzania

Cuso International Partners with CAM

CAM and Cuso International share a commitment to improving global maternal and newborn health outcomes and we believe that together we can achieve much more than if we work in isolation. >>>

South Sudan: the world’s newest country

The civil war in South Sudan is estimated to have taken the lives of over 10,000 South Sudanese and by some measures, maternal mortality in the country is the highest in the world.  CAM is working in South Sudan to improve maternal, newborn and child health by supporting midwifery education, regulation and association. >>>

South Sudan Map

Opportunities for Midwives

CAM seeks qualified midwives to support global projects

These numbers show the progress of the Safe Motherhood Project in Tanzania
Project YEAR 1 (2013-14)
50midwives from 26 health facilities trained in Emergency Skills.
12retired midwives re-engaged.
24+community health workers linked with retired midwives.
Project YEAR 2 (2014-15)
200rural midwives trained in 4 districts
Promotion of referral processes and information sharing.
Work with re-engaged retired midwives and community health workers continues.
Project YEAR 3 (2015-16)
50midwives trained
14midwives trained as ES instructors
Planning for next phase of project in process.